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Throughout the years we have all bought more STASH than we will ever be able to stitch. Everyone has a 'hall closet', a 'dresser', a 'room' that holds several tubs of STASH we all had good intentions of stitching. Over the years our stitching tastes have changed and we still have our original STASH we bought with our good intentions to finish. We have more STASH than we'll be able to stitch in 10 lifetimes!

I keep most of my STASH in a dresser in my computer room and every once in a while, I go in and try to clean out what I have in there without success. Most of time I just move what I have from one location to another without cleaning out any of it.

My GOAL: put order to my STASH, trade them, donate them, sell them, even stitch them, whatever it takes to get them moving! You can view my updates page to see my progress.
The Rotation
The rotation! This means I can stitch what I want, when I want. So I can stitch the WIP that is screaming at me the loudest!

The Categories
Before I could identify the rotation, I had to decide on categories and what each category would contain. I came up the following guide:

The rules:
Next I had to create some rules for my rotation about starting new projects to ensure I don't become a serial starter :

Normal sized projects:
I'm only allowed to start a new normal sized project when I finished a normal sized project.

Big sized projects:
I'm only allowed to start a new big project when:
- I finished a big project and...
- when I've stitched on an WIP.

After stitching on a WIP there are two possibilities:
- The WIP start screaming again and I want to stitch more of it
- The WIP stays silent and I can start a new project without feeling guilty.

I also had to decide on slots for the new rotation. I decided to start with 3 slots as follows:

I'll also keep one project in my bag for on-the-go/at-work stitching, but that project will have to be from the small category.

See my current (WIPs) page for a listing of current projects on going.

See my "Stash on hand" page to see what projects will be entering the rotation. Needing to put order to the amount of STASH I have on hand, I'm implementing a new rotation plan. To come up with a new strategy,

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